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The Competitive Bidding Process

This Competitive Bidding Process (CBP) is a solicitation process by which AES Ohio is seeking to procure all elements of full requirements service for SSO Customers. Winning bidders will assume all responsibilities of a Load Serving Entity ("LSE") and will be responsible for supplying all obligations associated with full requirements service. Full requirements service includes energy, capacity, market-based transmission service and market-based transmission ancillaries, and any other LSE service or other service as may be required by PJM to serve the SSO Load of AES Ohio.

AES Ohio will provide distribution services and will be responsible for Network Integrated Transmission Services ("NITS") charges and for other non-market-based FERC approved transmission charges for shopping and non-shopping load.

As Auction Manager, CRA International manages the auction process. A descending-price clock bidding format will be used. For additional information regarding the CBP and to receive updates please register on this Information Website. Click here to register.

This CBP process is being conducted pursuant to AES Ohio’s Electric Security Plan (“ESP”) filing in Case No. 16-395-EL-SSO and is subject to modification by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Click here for more information.

This competitive bidding process (“CBP”) is separate from the PIPP RFP process used by AES Ohio to procure full requirements service for their Percentage of Income Payment Plan (“PIPP”) customers. More information about that RFP can be found at
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